About Musk.az

Fragnances for your business

Musk.az – is a supplier of fragrances and essential oil spayers. We have been operating in the market of Azerbaijan and Georgia for more than 5 years. We produce our products using the latest technologies available. We currently have over 15 different models.

  • Equipment maintenance every month
  • Renewal of fragnances by our specialists
  • All the necessary standard certificates

Areas of application of scent marketing

Shopping malls and stores

Banks and government structures

Car dealerships and gas stations

Sports centers and gyms

Restaurants and cafes

Cinemas and entertainment Centers

Beauty and Spa salons

Hotels and Tourism Businesses

Business centers, offices and conference halls

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About the product

Musk.az - provides more than 15 different models.

It covers an area of up to 600 square meters

All required standard certificates

Possibility to choose all kinds of fragrances for your business

Turn on and turn off with a predefined schedule

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To get more information about our products, please contact us.

+994 12 565 39 06
+994 70 804 04 54

Georgia office:
+995 555 336 636